Q6: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

During the construction of my product I used many different types of equipment and programmes, which helped me construct my product, and helped me improve my technology skills. I used a gopro gimbal to film my footage, which was great for my location as it was too narrow for a camera, this was useful for filming. A key programme which I used throughout my course was Adobe Premiere Pro which I was able to use to edit my shots together to the way in which I wanted, I also used after effects to create my ident, which was placed at the beginning of my film opening. I did this using an online tutorial from a website which provided step-by-step instructions. I also used a website called vimeo which allowed me to upload my film openings and other videos and embed them into my work so that my work could be seen easily.


Q5:How did you attract/address your audience?

To evaluate the way in which I addressed my target audience, I looked back on my target audience survey and my interview, i then analysed the results on Prezi to make it clear on what the typical conventions of a horror film are and how I could use that in my film opening. From my survey results, I concluded that majority of my target audience would expect a young girl who is torturing others at the start of a film opening which was what I was trying to get across. 35% of my target audience said they would expect a horror to be in in a small village and 17% said they would expect a horror to be in a haunted house, from these results it made me question my location that I was going to use for my film opening. I then thought of what films which were already out with a similar location to what my audience wanted and tried to change the convention of it. I want want to create a mysterious abandoned location which keeps the audience impacted on what goes on in the scene and want them to ask more questions and watch on. Another expectation my audience wanted and was clear to me was the fact that they would to see blood in a horror film, I addressed this during my film opening when I had smeared blood across the wall, I know that this something that they were expecting.

Q1:In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

My film opening has some similar conventions to different horror films, this was of capital importance in order for my target audience to be interesting in my film. The title “Spectre in disguise’ can be compared to similar horror films such as the girl next door. After research I found that the title of my film should paint a good picture for the main theme of the film, which is about a spectre, the word spectre presents the image of a ghost, which fits in well with the narrative of my story. I also used one simple font in bold black throughout my opening for the titles, as I wanted to make it clear as generally most horror films have quite bold fonts. One of the main convention which I developed was my location, as horrors are mainly set in abandoned locations such as the woods, bunkers or abandoned houses. I decided to set my opening in my set of bunkers, which is quite dark and fairly abandoned, I feel like this is a classic location in films with the same genre. This type of location will appeal to many of my target audience as typically these sort of places are quite interesting and scary, because of how dark and deep down this bunkers you aren’t able to see any daylight which also makes it scarier. I used effects on the footage taken and used the Magic Buffet affect “Basic Black diffusion” to make my footage look darker than it is, throughout my film opening I don’t use any props as in a sense I used my location as a prop which links the girls to the spectre at the end. A majority of my editing is fast paced and short clips to create tension. A convention which I challenged was my character’s. Generally in horror films such as case 39, orphan and silent hill you see little scary girls, I wanted to do something and use someone who was much older. I casted Emma as the “scary little girl”, I did this because I wanted to challenge the conventions that most horror films have a little scary girl, I also challenged the convention of what they wear as I put Emma in casual clothes as I wanted to set this spectre in the modern day.

Q7: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the final product?

During the premature days of my media course we were asked to complete a preliminary and continuity task, because I was new to the idea of filmmaking and editing these tasks were set to show us the importance in practicing with the different angles etc. In my preliminary task much of my footage is shaky or out of focus which makes it become a blurry image. From doing this task, I learnt the importance of having proper focus and how using certain camera angles relays the narrative. From this task, it provided me with good practice in how to edit in continuity. I also realised that for my film opening many of these types of shots weren’t going to be needed as I wanted to create suspension and tension in my film opening and this shots and angles weren’t going to help me do this. Since doing this task, I have been able to develop my camera and editing skills with using different softwares such as Adobe premiere and using different techniques, This can be seen in my film opening when I use short duration shots but suddenly jump from them. I have also been able to use Magic Bullet which has allowed me to improve my footage to give it more tension by making it darker, by creating it darker I was about use the ‘show less to create tension’ tactic. Since my beginning tasks, I have been able to improve them as well in sound and titles, in my preliminary task I only used dialogue and non diegetic music to create an effect in my scene. This didn’t help as it didn’t fit with what was going on in the scene and was mainly chosen to close up the silence. From this, I have learnt how to fit music which is most appropriate to the piece of film I’m doing and how it builds tensions, in my film opening I have used a piece of creepy ambient horror suspension which I have found online. Since the early stages of starting this media course, I didn’t have much confidence in using programs such as After effects, I have been able to expand my knowledge on using these different programs. We were also assigned a Mundane task which is when we film a boring routine and with the use of different camera angles we are able to make it looking more interesting. This is where I was able to experiment with different camera angles and different cameras. In both my mundane task and preliminary task, there are very few camera angles and there isn’t much camera use, in comparison to my final opening, there is a difference in camera movement. Also in my film opening I have used a different camera which shows my camera knowledge as I have used a gopro second time round. I have found that using the gopro gives clearly footage and provides more creativity when filming, however it can become more shaky but looks more realistic. As a media student, I have developed my skills since the beginning in all aspects and it has improved the quality of my products in which I feel like they are of high quality.

Q4: who would be the audience for your media product?

From the results I got back from my survey and my interview with someone from the public, I have decided to make the target audience of my film a young adult audience from the ages of 11-18. I think that having this age bracket for my target audience is the best way to make my film a success as I know that horrors and thrillers are the main type of films that my target audience watch. My film will appeal to all genders because of the typical storyline and the age of the characters which I’ve used. To make sure that I was creating the correct film content, I made a survey while using survey monkey with questions for my target audience to film out so that I could find out what they expected in a horror and what they wouldn’t expect. With the results I got from this survey, I was able to see what my target audience expected and whether I was able to use that in my film opening. The results I got back suggested that my target audience were more into romance, drama, horror, action and crime. I wanted to create a horror film opening as I knew I would be able to create tension with the location and the darkest of the location I used. I advertised my survey on Facebook as I know that a majority of my desired age bracket would be on facebook. I then used the website Prezi to analyse the results that I got and was able to create a clear image of what I wanted to do for my opening. After looking into the descriptions behind different age ratings on films, I’ve decided to give mine a 12 rating as my target audience are 11-18 year olds. I also interviewed Sabine who said she expected the storyline of a horror to be able scaring someone or blood which then gave me the idea of my story line. I have a strong indication of my target audience for my media product through the survey and asking around to family and friend that mainly most of older generation were less interested in horrors than the younger generation.

Final opening

Her is my final and finished product, I have used the go pro which creates this effect as if someone is watching. I think that since my first draft this works best as I was able to get the my whole location in the shot and was able to play around with the length of it. I also had few set of lights which worked as I was able to see clearer, also my footage was filmed in the same direction which made it easier to edit together.

second draft from Sally De Sousa on Vimeo.

First Draft

Here is my first draft, while filming this I realised that it’s probably easier to use the go-pro gimbal as it will allow me to be able to get more of the location in whiles filming. My location is too narrow and I didn’t have the appropriate lens to film in my location. Also while filming, my power switch blew, so I wasn’t able to use the lights which I had and had to use some torches which I had. Next time I film, I’m going to check that everything works and whether I have the right camera lens too. Also while editing my clips together, I noticed that I didn’t film all my footage in the same direction, next time I’ll make sure that I use the go-pro gimbal and make sure that all my footage is filmed in the same direction.

First Draft from Sally De Sousa on Vimeo.